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«Facebook vs. the Little Prince»- Results

By 18 agosto, 2015 No Comments

The rise of Facebook has undoubtedly changed how we use our time. Last month we conducted an experiment, challenging participants to change their daily social media routine during one week. Every time they wanted to open Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, we asked them instead to read a section of «The Little Prince» by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. We chose this book in particular because its chapters are short and can be read in around the same amount of time one might spend on Facebook. The book’s philosophy is also similar to Despacio’s.

We sent instructions to interested participants; 25 people stated interest in participating, though only 6 people actually finished the experiment. Nonetheless, the six final participants completed the survey and sent us their reflections on the experiment (see below). They generally felt that they had used their week more constructively, with less unnecessary distractions. They said they realized how much time they waste on social media and how much they had learned reading «The Little Prince.»