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Workshop on Mitigation Actions

By 31 mayo, 2016 No Comments

Last week, Despacio led an interactive workshop for the Colombian Ministry of Transport regarding their Sectoral Action Plan (PAS) to mitigate climate change in the transport sector. Despacio coordinated all event logistics, including invitations to relevant government actors, a technical guide regarding the activities, a report discussing participants’ perceptions and another summarizing the main comments and proposals that came out of the PAS workshop. We also moderated the group discussions and recounted the main conclusions from each one.

The workshop’s goal was to create a diagnostic regarding the implementation of the mitigation PAS for the transport sector, which contributes significantly to the country’s CO2 emissions. The workshop’s sessions included discussions of ongoing processes, such as public transit sustainability and logistics chains. Participants also named projects they would like to see prioritized for sectoral emissions mitigation, including an «intermodal master plan» for passenger and cargo transport, the expansion of bicycle infrastructure in Colombian cities and a sustainable transport NAMA.

Despacio’s team learned a lot during the workshop about how the PAS objectives can be linked to public and private entities to mitigate climate change in Colombia. Our sincere thanks to all the participants and to the Ministry of Transport for giving us the opportunity to carry out this interesting event.


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