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On-Street Parking Management Document

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You’ve always wanted to know how to overcome problems arising from unmanaged and illegal parking and how to design and install effective On-Street Parking management? This toolkit will help you design safer streets and may support creating a more efficient street use.

The document provides an overview of the different approaches to on-street parking management and provides advice to policy makers dealing with problems arising from unmanaged on-street parking. It addresses common problems that occur from illegal parking and circulating traffic searching for parking and points out approaches to overcome them. This includes information on the appropriate physical design of on-street parking as well as on the institutional basics and adequate tools for fee collection and pricing. All in all the toolbox provides information on how to design and install on-street parking management effectively and efficiently and gives advice on how to detect and how to deal with violations of parking rules. Additionally the toolkit addresses the question on how to collect and how to use key parking data to further better on-street parking management.

The publication has been authored by Paul Barter, transport policy researcher, advisor, writer and trainer. He has wide-range expertise in urban transport topics, mainly focusing on municipal parking policy. Paul provided training on parking management to various governments and teaches on urban transport policy in LKY School of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore (NUS). More on his publications on parking can be found at

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You will find a webinar by Paul Barter on “Reinventing parking – how to improve on-street parking management” by scrolling down to Webinar Number 7 at

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