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Bikes in Bogota and Latin America

By 4 enero, 2016 No Comments

Over the last year and a half, Despacio carried out a study of strategies to encourage bike use in Bogota and Latin America. The study was part of a project for the Interamerican Development Bank and Universidad de los Andes: «Comprehensive Bicycle Use Strategy in Latin American Cities.» Our specific aim was to evaluate the current state of bicycle policies in Bogota, develop strategies for the city and help form a regional network to push bike use.

To do so, we analyzed the current state of bike use in the region, including a review of the best practices from different networks that promote bicycles in Latin America and in the world. Based on this analysis, we proposed a structure for a regional network to promote bike use, covering issues of communications, funding and administrative structure. We also held an event during the World Urban Forum in Medellin in 2014 with different actors in the region.

With respect to the local situation, we analyzed bicycle promotion in Bogota and identified several challenges. This part of the project focused heavily on bicycle infrastructure and demand indicators. Our work in Bogota also included two workshops and semi-structured interviews with key actors, covering a range of positions towards bikes. This process allowed us to better analyze the perception of bikes in Bogota and the challenges for promotion.

The project is still underway, and the regional network we proposed has taken shape as Ruedala. We hope to publish the reports soon!