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«Bring Your Pets to Work» – printed and for sale!

By 14 diciembre, 2015 No Comments

Libro mascotas- mejorada LR

One of the great pleasures in life is publishing a book after months and years of work. Although we published «How to Bring Your Pet to Work» almost two years ago, it was only available digitally. So, over the last few months, we fixed a few things and sent the book to be printed. It’s for sale! And trust us, it’s a better present than socks.

The book was written by Mario A Pardo and Laura Mendoza. For several months, they studied the topic, interviewed experts and talked to people who were already bringing their pets to work. They also had to look for photos (for free distribution) of pets at work and review existing regulations. Bicivilízate, one of Despacio’s key partners,was a co-publisher.

When you buy the book, you are also supporting Despacio, allowing us to carry out unexpected but useful projects like this one. This book makes a great gift and if you’re lucky, the authors will even sign your copy!


How to buy: 

For more information, please write us at and we will let you know the process. You can also call us at 2484420. The book costs 30.000 pesos. Buy ten and we will give you the tote bag from the famous Despacio Kit to carry them in.