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In Memory of Carsten Wass

By 23 noviembre, 2015 No Comments


Last night, Dr. Carsten Wass, a renowned expert in road safety, passed away. Carsten spent October in Colombia, where he presented during Road Safety Week and trained us on conducting road safety inspections in Bogotá. Those of us that had the opportunity to work with Carsten admired his observational abilities, a skill he developed through many years of experience. He could determine in a matter of seconds the conflicts, risks and dangers in a street or intersection.

He was calm, simple, funny and above all, a defender of pedestrians and cyclists. Carsten lived slowly, appreciating silence in the middle of a chaotic city. He enjoyed spending time with his grandchildren, going for walks, a nice meal with friends,  a cup of coffee and dessert, a good joke, and phone calls from his wife. Carsten valued each moment in life; he loved his work and his family. He also loved to travel and learn about other cultures, having visited a total of 96 countries (although his goal was 100).

Thank you Carsten for everything you taught us, both personally and professionally. IMG-20150925-WA0011

Natalia Lleras, Despacio’s Research Director, wrote this post. She worked closely with Carsten during his month in Bogotá.