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Best photos from #FotoBogDsC

By 28 septiembre, 2015 No Comments

Last Tuesday, September 22nd was Car-Free Day in Bogotá. To document it, we held a photo competition, #FotoBogDsC. During the previous Car-Free Day (April 22), we took photos of different parts of the city to show the change from a normal day. This time we decided to ask people (friends, followers on social media, etc.) to upload two photos to Instagram. They had to be of the same scene and taken at the same time of day, one on Car-Free Day and one a week before (September 15th).

The photos are all on Instagram– below the three best. The winner of the competition will win an item from the Despacio Kit. Thank you to all the participants! All participants are welcome to stop by our office and pick up a Despacio pencil or sticker as a token of our appreciation.

Winning photo- Centro Internacional, 1:20 PM (mherrera0621)



Runner-up – Avenida 19 con Calle 104, 8:00 AM (michaelmj127)



Runner-up – Avenida Boyacá con Calle 153B, 12:47 PM (Francy Sánchez)