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Car-Free Day Photo Contest

By 11 septiembre, 2015 No Comments


Bogota will hold its third Car-Free Day of the year on September 22nd. On this day, private cars and motorcycles are not allowed to operate, pushing people to use more sustainable modes and raising awareness around climate change issues. However, there have been criticisms of the event, with claims that it causes problems for mobility and the local economy.

For the last Car-Free Day (April 22), we took a number of photos of Bogotá on a normal day and during the event itself to show the differences in the city. Now it’s your turn! Please send us two photos of the same thing – one taken on Tuesday September 15th and the other at the same time on the 22nd (during Car-Free Day). Please write down the time and place where you took the photo and upload both to Instagram with the hashtag #FotoBogDsC

The photo can be of anything where you can see the difference between the two days;the change does not have to be positive. The winner will receive an item from the Despacio Kit (mug, tote bag, or notebook) and will have their photos published on Despacio’s social media outlets.



  • Sept 11- contest opens
  • Sept 15- take and upload photo of a typical day with the hashtag #FotoBogDsC (noting time and place)
  • Sept 22- take and upload photo of a Car-Free Day with the hashtag #FotoBogDsC (noting time and place)
  • Sept 23- contest ends at 12 noon.
  • Sept 25- announcement and publication of best photo


Photo criteria:

  • Originality and resourcefulness
  • Clearly shows the change in the city
  • Clearly shows Bogotá
  • Shows some characteric(s) of Car-Free Day