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Catharsis Bogotá: Improving Mobility

By 31 agosto, 2015 No Comments

The second phase of Catharsis Bogotá (a joint initiative of Despacio and El Espectador) focuses on mobility, one of the main urban problems identified in the first phase of the project. The survey received 504 responses to the following question: What are you willing to do to improve mobility in Bogotá? Proposals included governmental action–improving Transmilenio, making public transit safer, increasing control over car and motorcycle use–and individual solutions like mode shift, respecting traffic rules, and «transport networks.» See the full results here

After this first step, El Espectador interviewed Darío Hidalgo, a sustainable mobility expert, on the results of the survey. In the interview, Darío discussed the proposal to control car and motorcycle sales, as well as the importance of bicycles. Click here for the full interview.