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Sustainable TOD Workshops in Colombia

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2015-04-07 14.56.59 DOTS taller BOG

From April 7-9, Despacio led workshops on sustainable Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) in Bogota, Cali and Medellin. Despacio was hired by the Low-Carbon Resilient Development (LCRD) program to develop the  workshops in cooperation with local entities. The objective was to increase knowledge and interest in sustainable TOD projects in Colombian cities, utilizing transit systems (SITM, SETP and SITP) alongside active transport modes (walking and cycling) to structure urban development in the country.

82 people in total attended the workshops in the three cities.  Carlosfelipe Pardo and Salvador Medina, experts in urbanism, gave presentations.


In addition to the presentation, attendees participated in a group exercise, which led to the following conclusions:

  • In Bogotá, the participants indicated interest in value capture (and in private sector participation in particular) and travel demand management (TDM), especially parking.
  • In Cali, the workshop attendees were most interested in modal integration, TDM, and value capture as it relates to land use management. They indicated the need for bikeway design guides, something the Ministry of Transport is currently working on, and stressed the importance of bringing decision-makers to these workshops.
  • The participants in Medellin were most interested in value capture, especially project financing, and TDM but were also interested in institutional strengthening and interinstitutional integration. They also emphasized the centrality of citizen participation to the acceptance of policies in the city and stressed this aspect as critical throughout the execution of a project, not just in the dissemination phase.