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The Colombian Model: Lessons for the rest of the cities in the world

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Taking advantage of the concentration of local and international urban planners and policy consultants in Medellín for the World Urban Forum, this workshop examined urban policies to view specific time periods of each city and their policies. The story behind the success. It was an informal workshop that examined the key aspects of urban policies in Bogotá and Medellín through a participatory session that identified key moments in time and defined what made them successful. It also referred to the question of current best practices in international development, how to define them, achieve them, transplant them, and how they function or fail.

Cities like Bogotá and Medellín in Colombia or Curitiba in Brazil are frequently invoked by city planners and experts around the world as emblems of urban renewal. However, this sometimes is done without a critical understanding of the necessary transformations that occur in these cities, the interactions between different policies, their agendas and of course, their results: what worked, what didn’t, what is myth and what is fact.

The study was designed to observe how success factors can be applied in the specific contexts of other cities.