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At the end of last year, we launched an experiment through social media called "Despacio se llega lejos" (Slowly, you can go far). The experiment asked participants to send Despacio postcards to friends or family that lived far away. Although snail mail is a slow mode of communication, in some ways it seemed more emotionally significant. Above you can see a map of all the cities where the postcards have arrived. Below, a few photos of the recipients. If you want to send a Despacio postcard, or if you have sent one already, please write We still have a lot of postcards and we will continue to update the map and photos as more people join. Thanks to everyone who participated!

"Despacio se llega lejos" (Slowly you get far) is our third and final experiment of 2015. Today, the Internet is the main way we communicate with people that live far from us. This generally makes communication is immediate and easy. However, we have forgotten about other...

Last month Despacio conducted its second experiment: "Office in the Park." Participants had to change their workplace from their office to a park. Many of us are used to working long days in an office, closed spaces that limit contact with other people and atmospheres, to say nothing of nature.  Working outdoors can help reduce mental fatigue and stress while increasing attention and concentration.